BBC Archive - What Does God Look Like?

BBC Archive - What Does God Look Like? / 1920x1080, 38 secs, 2022 / 2D Animation, Analog Animation, Prints 

"What Does God Look Like" is an animation featuring a brief excerpt from the BBC archive, showcasing interviews with children discussing their perceptions of God's appearance. 

Employing techniques such as Risograph, best described as a digital screen printing, I animated the piece using Animate CC, subsequently printing out each frame. These printed frames served not only as components of the animation but also as the basis for creating flipbooks.

Embracing the imperfections and offset effects inherent in Risograph, the animation exuded a charmingly naive quality, accentuated by the chubby characters. This aesthetic seamlessly complemented the childlike innocence expressed in their voices and boundless imagination.


Design, animation : Chu-Chieh Lee

Sound Clip: BBC Archive / 1977: Children on God
Made at Royal College of Art

World Illustration Awards  2022 - Longlist

Behind the Scenes
Rough Animation