Culture Trip - Pioneering

Culture Trip - Pioneering / 1920x1080, 20 secs, 2018 / 2D Animation

This animation is for one of the Culture Trip's brand word - pioneering. With images of traveling, activity and creativity, this video shows how did Culture Trip present the world to the audience who is passionate for traveling and cultures.

With the core value of 'Pioneering' at Culture Trip in mind, I curated a series of images depicting various forms of movement and travel, such as sailing, airplane flight, biking, skateboarding, and surfing. These images were strategically aligned to convey a sense of forward momentum, symbolizing the pioneering spirit of the company. Through montage, the animation effectively showcases the brand idea in a visually engaging and dynamic manner.

Ideation, design, animation : Chu-Chieh Lee
Art Director : Giles Dill
Producer : Eve Somerville


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