Golden Pin 2016 Call for Entry

Golden Pin 2016 Call for Entry 

The video was crafted during my tenure at Bito Studio in Taiwan. As an Associate Art Director for this project, I collaborated closely with the director and the team, overseeing design, sound, editing, motion, and art direction.

This video, 'Earth.Heaven', blends ideas from ancient Chinese culture with contemporary design to explain to audiences across the globe what it means to design for and within huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities.

Bito explores the Golden Pin Design Award's 2016 theme of 'Heaven and Earth' (天地 or Tian Di in Chinese), which is derived from the Chinese cosmological framework of the three universal elements of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity as highlighted in the ancient Chinese divination text, I Ching (also known as the Book of Changes in English). The dot (.) in the studio's highly abstract creation represents the huaren designer flowing between the realms of Heaven and Earth on a constant search for inspiration.


Directed by Bito
Client:Taiwan Design Center
Creative Director: Keng-Ming Liu
Producer:Elise Gong
Associated Art Director : Chu-Chieh Lee
Concept & Script:Keng-Ming Liu/Vicki Huang/Chu-Chieh Lee
Design:Keng-Ming Liu/Chu-Chieh Lee
2D Animation:Chu-Chieh Lee/Phil Wu/Wei-Lin Chen/Che-Chieh Chu
3D Animation:Wei-Lin Chen/Chu-Chieh Lee/Ching-Ho Kao
Cel Animation:Chu-Chieh Lee
Editing:Chu-Chieh Lee
Music & Sound Design:Chia-Wei Hsu/Po-Hao Chi