Mentor Hair / Hair rules in Nature - TVC

Mentor Hair / Hair Rules in Nature - TVC

During my tenure at Bito Studio in Taiwan, I played a pivotal role in crafting this video. Working closely with the director and team, I oversaw design, editing, motion, and art direction.

This work is a TVC advertising for Mentor, which is a global salon based in Taiwan.

To stand out during Mother’s day season and match their annual direction of ‘natural’, we came up with the idea of using the basic line to imitate different basic hairstyle. The visual designed in clearly way and with special sound effect in the background, we caught people’s eyes in no time.

Short hair is neat like rain falling on the roof; long hair is soft as the prairie flickering gently in the wind; layered hair bring out the attention like rolling thunder; kinky hair is fluffy like cloud; wavy hair is graceful as breeze and straight hair is gliding like flowing water.


Directed by Bito 
Creative Director:Keng-Ming Liu 
Producer:Elise Gong
Concept:Chu-Chieh Lee / Sylvia Hsu
Script:Sylvia Hsu / Vicki Huang / Elise Gong
Designer:Chu-Chieh Lee
Lead Animator:Chu-Chieh Lee
Animator:Phil Wu / Kevin Cheng
Music & Sound Design:Sincerely Music