Minus Plus Multiply

Minus Plus Multiply / 1920x1080, 4min 10 sec, 2023 / Digital Animation, Stop Motion, Live-action

A woman tries to find a place to fit in a weird world full of containers and eventually feels whole again.

With containers as a motif and a metaphor for a safe place, the story surrounds the protagonist's self-searching and healing journey, exploring the relationship between emotion and space. The film attempts to construct a poetic narrative and psychological self-portraits through experimentation in 2D animation, stop motion and sound. It reflects sensibility, fragility, and fragmentation of identity by applying pottery and clay.


Festival Selections

  • Annecy International Animation Festival, Annecy France, 2024
  • Animafest Zagreb 2024, Zagreb Croatia, 2024
  • Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor USA,  2024
  • Brighton International Animation Festival, Brighton UK, 2024
  • Monstra Festival, Lisbon Portugal, 2024
  • Thomas Edison Film Festival, Hoboken USA, Feb 2024
  • Cardiff Animation Festival, Cardiff Wales, 2024
  • Animation Dingle, Killarney Ireland, 2024
  • Florida Film Festival, Florida USA, 2024
  • Riverrun International Film Festival, Winston-Salem USA, 2024
  • Dallas International Film Festival, Dallas USA, 2024
  • Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, Canada, 2024
  • Maryland Film Festival, Maryland, USA, 2024
  • Provincetown International Film Festival, USA, 2024
  • DeadCenter Film Festival, USA, 2024
  • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Tokyo Japan, 2024
  • Guadalajara International Film Festival, Guadalajara Mexico,  2024
  • La Guarimba , Amantea, Italy, 2024
  • Raindance Film Festival, London, UK, 2024
  • Film Maudit 2.0, LA, USA, 2024

Film Stills

Character Design
3D Print


Direction/Design/Animation/Filming : Chu-Chieh Lee 
Additional 2D Animator: Qian Shih
3D Modeller/ Rigger : Shao Kuei Tong
Colourist : Qian Shih, Sabine Volkert, Ben Alderman, Ava Tai
Clean-up Artist : Qian Shih, Jie-Yu Lien

Foley Artist : Rebecca Glover, Keith Partridge
Sound Designer : Arzu Saglam
Voice- Over : Arzu Saglam
Composer : Eleanor Fineston-Robertson
Sound mixer : Gibran Farrah

Produced at the RCA