Motioner - Illustration for Motion Graphics Promo Video

Motioner - Illustration for Motion Graphics Promo Video / 1920x1080, 1 min 12 secs, 2021 / 2D Animation

Promoting the tutorual that I coorporated with, the animation aimed to create an intriging, clear and interesting content to attract viewers to explore the course.

You could fint the page of my course here.


Present:Motioner 二棲知學
Production:二棲設計 27 Design
Executive Producer:林呈軒 Cheng-Hsuan Lin
Storyboard:李竺潔 Chu Chieh Lee
Direction / Designer:李竺潔 Chu Chieh Lee 
Animator:王珮璇 Pei-Hsuan Wang、陳柏尹 Bruce Chen、施謙 Shi-Qian
Music & Sound Production:紋聲音樂 WinSound Studio
Original Music:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin、林思妤 Szu-Yu Lin
Arragement:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin、林思妤 Szu-Yu Lin
Sound Design:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin、林思妤 Szu-Yu Lin
Score Mixer & Dubbing Mixer:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin
Voice Over:李竺潔 Chu Chu Lee Voice
Recording Engineer:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin Voice
Recording Studio:浮光音樂錄音室 Fullight Music