TEDxTaipei 2014 - What Matters Now? - Event Branding

TEDxTaipei 2014-What Matters Now? - Event Branding

During my time at Bito Studio in Taiwan, I held a pivotal role in shaping this project. Collaborating closely with the director and team, I oversaw graphic design, the visual identity of the event, motion graphics, and art direction.

The project was for the annual event of Ted x Taipei, centered around the theme "What Matters Now." The entire visual identity and brand video were crafted to resonate with six core subthemes: "Forward," "Participation," "Essence," "Resonance," "Shared," and "Resilience." The main visual design was meticulously developed and experimented with, incorporating negative space, typography, and motion to convey the essence of each theme.


Client : TEDxTaipei
Production Company : Bito
Creative Director: Keng-Ming Liu
Design : Chu-Chieh Lee
Producer : Oskar Lin
Assistant Producer : Manning Li
Lead Animator : Chu-Chieh Lee
Cel Animation : Guei-Teng Shiu/Sylvia Hsu/Chu-Chieh Lee/Kevin Cheng/Hao Yi Chen
2D Animation : Bruce Chen/Chu-Chieh Lee/Kevin Cheng
3D Animation : Sylvia Hsu
Music : Liya Huang
SFX : David Dunlap


Six Themes