The PC that Breaks Boundaries / ASUS VivoStick PC 

The PC that Breaks Boundaries |  VivoStick PC | ASUS 

During my tenure at Bito Studio in Taiwan, I played a pivotal role in crafting this video. Working closely with the director and team, I oversaw design, sound, editing, motion, and art direction.

The video was created to introduce an ASUS product designed to enhance the TV and computer user experience. Vivostick transforms your TV or monitor into a smart Windows device, allowing you to surf the web, stream videos, work, or connect with family and friends through social media applications from the comfort of your couch. The animation effectively showcases the product's features, providing viewers with clear and engaging visuals to acquaint them with Vivostick.


Directed by Bito
Creative Director:Keng-Ming Liu 
Producer:Elise Gong
Script:Vicki Huang/Elise Gong
Designer:Chu-Chieh Lee
2D Animator:Chu-Chieh Lee/Phil Wu
3D Animator:Sylvia Hsu/Chu-Chieh Lee
Music:Sincerely Music