The Power of Seven - Antarctica

The Power of Seven / 1920x1080, 30 secs, 2020 / 2D Animation

One of the seven unreleased films exploring sustainable travel across all seven continents. 

This video interviewed the Canadian photophrapher Jeff Topham. He talked about what he thinks about how sustainability links to Antartica.


Creative Director: Giles Dill
Producer: Eve Somerville
Executive Producer: Gerri McCarthy
Story Producers - Ian Parkin, Joe Steptoe.

Design + Direction:
Europe: Jonathan Lindgren
South America: Alexander Hellebaut
Africa: Angela Stempel
Oceania: Alexis Jamet
Asia: Michael Towers
North America: Ana Perez Lopez
Antarctica: Chu-Chieh Lee.

Additional animation - Luke Marsh, Ishmail Ali + Knifeson Yu.

Music + Sound design - The Soundery
Made for Culture Trip in 2020.